Robert Henderson - Part 1 of his 2014 presentation, "The Courts of Heaven."  (Other parts on Fisher of Men Channel)

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What is happening in this nation?  While many point fingers in all directions, the real problem with the United States is spiritually related and I will not be silent about it!

In Matthew 24 Jesus spoke o the signs of the times and of His return.  Based on the events taking place in this world, is it possible that His prophetic words are being fulfilled today?

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Let's get personal! This is just a glimpse of my personal testimony and how God has performed miracles in my heart and in my body.

Tommy Welchel is known as the last living link to the great Azusa Street Revival.  Sit back and listen as this anointed storyteller inspires your faith for the next great  awakening!

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Watch and share this compelling factual video on Hell.  It may just save your life!

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