Written in 1973 by David Wilkerson, this prophetic book does not paint a pretty picture.  Yet, considering so much of it has already come to pass, is this a vision into the future of the United States?  

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Abba - A Journey of Healing

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Abba takes an honest look at the relationships we have with our fathers and how the brokenness there impacts our relationships with our Heavenly Father.

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Concerned about emerging technologies and what they mean to our freedoms and lifestyle?  You don't know the half of it!  It's time we wake up to the big changes on our doorstep!

The arguments abound and they are not new.  Darwinian science and the Bible have very differing view points on creation and the origins of man but which is true?  Watch this video and examine the facts and evidence for yourself! 

Proof that the Bible is True!

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