What started with this small idea, a little software and no real experience has blossomed into much more.   The goal of Fisher of Men is not to entertain you.  It is to inspire you.  Within each of us is a calling, purpose and destiny.  Yet sadly many who proclaim themselves as Christians have yet to discover the call on their lives.  So this grassroots Youtube channel stands as a testimony of what a "Yes" in response to God's calling can do.  

"We do not exist to create a big name for ourselves.  Rather we exist to give glory to the name of Jesus for it is His name which is most worthy of praise."

     Mitch  Salmon

     Fisher of Men Productions Founder

Fisher of Men Productions was established in January of 2010.  At the time there was no intent to "start a channel."  The sole goal was to shine a spotlight on a few less known songs to accompany my writing on Facebook.  Little did I know that God had a big anointing on that small idea! 

About Fisher of Men Productions

Our Mission

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Simply put, our mission is the great commission.

Fisher of Men Productions

Fisher of Men Productions produces a wide variety of videos.  Originally the spotlight was on contemporary Christian music, but over time production has shifted from this emphasis into more original production work.  On our Youtube channel you will find scripture reading, original stories, illustrations, sermons and much more.

We've partnered with many ministries in the Phoenix area as well as abroad.  Anything that advances the Gospel is a worthy cause so while there are certain Fisher of Men specialties, the work we do does not fit "in a box" so to speak.

If you have a production idea that fits our mission we would love to hear from you!  Together we can bring the Gospel to the world one click at a time.